Dancier x Weltregent

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    Prix st George
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This is a fabulous 8 year old. He has succesfully competed at Prix st George and has done extremely well at Young Riders level attaining scores well in excess of 70%. He is currently training towards Grand Prix and appears to have limitless ability! He is sired by Dancier who left his licensing as an unchallenged winner. He easily completed his stallion performance test and was the natural winner of the dressage and overall index. This success allowed him to win the “Freiherr von Stenglin”-award. As a young stallion, Dancier qualified twice for the Warendorf National Championships where he celebrated the first of many successes.


Dancier De Niro Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Ninette (Hauptstutbuch)
Alicante (Hauptstutbuch) Akzent II
Wiesenelfe (Hauptstutbuch)
Lacarna (St. Pr. Hauptstutbuch) Lancier Lauries Crusador
Wendekrone (Hauptstutbuch)
Espina (St. Pr. Hauptstutbuch) Espri
Empore (Hauptstutbuch)
Weltregentin (Hauptstutbuch) Weltregent Weltmeyer World Cup I
Anka (St. Pr. Hauptstutbuch)
Donna Bella (St. Pr. Hauptstutbuch) Donnerhall
Pikantje (St. Pr. Hauptstutbuch)
Milva (Hauptstutbuch) Maurice Matcho
Gracia (St. Pr. Hauptstutbuch)
Sabrina (Hauptstutbuch) Sassnitz
Angelina (Hauptstutbuch)