Washington events & the Equine Elite Auction

Equine Elite has become one of Europe’s most popular Dressage Events, drawing public from all corners of the World.

Initially, Equine Elite was the brainchild of trainer / Horse dealers Diederik Wigmans, Craig Rawlins & the event organisor, Gijs Bartels. As the event grew in popularity and the organisation became more complex it became apparant that the small team was missing some of the essential «know-how» to continue without help. Help was enlisted from people from all walks of life, including entertainernment advisors, business people, riders, judges, dealers – in short an extremely diverse group of professionals. Washington Events bv took over the organisation of Equine Elite in 2013 – Ronald Lammerink, who had assisted in the organisation continually in the past,  was nominated as director and has been a major driving force in the organisation of this wonderful event, for years.  Anno 2015, Ronald decided that he wanted to be more «on the floor» and so the new Director of Washington Events was appointed in Jenneke Spanjers. Jenneke, who is well known to all who have attended Equine Elite in the past years, is another one of the pillars of the Equine Elite, spending her days constantly looking after and advising visitors and overseeing the smooth running of Equine Elite.