SELECTION DAYS 1st – 8th August

How does the selection procedure work?

  1. Firstly, a horse must be entered: The Equine Elite  selections WIll be held from 1st until 8th August this year at Stal Korenbloem in Weert. You can enter your horse by simply sending an e-mail to :   or by calling us:   Jenneke Spanjers (+31)  0623-787988 / Ronald Lammerink (+31) 0629-5017801 It is possible to request the most convenient time and date.
  2. All horses are presented under saddle, in white bandages & Plaited.
  3. The horse in question is then tested by our test riders.
  4. Horses are evaluated under saddle by the selectors and riders.
  5. During the selection you are required to present us with all relevant history of the horse ( i.e. medical history, (stable) behaviour, vices etc.)
  6. Horses are then photographed under saddle.
  7. If your horse is selected for the auction then he must undergo a complete vetting including x- rays.
  8. After the succesful completion of selection and vetting we will contact you to arrange the delivery date at the auction facilities. Generally this will be between 15th September and 1st October
  9. Your horse will then be trained and presented to potential clients up until the auction (last Saturday of October).