From the very  beginning, Equine Elite had the intention of doing something that had never been done before at any Dressage auction in the world – publishing the veterinary findings in the catalogue! It was an absolute hit with customers worldwide and we will of course be maintaining the tradition this year!

Whilst the vets will, of course, be present at the auction to answer any questions you may have, the findings on the x-rays will be published for all to see, in the catalogue.   For indepth inquiries as to the x-rays, clinical state of the horses or past history the vets will be available to answer any questions you may have.

On request,  vetting reports and x-rays can be forwarded to your own veterinarian for examination. In the event that you would like to have your own veterinarian examine the horse or take additional extra x-rays, this is of course possible.
The vettings will be conducted by the veterinary practice in Someren & Veterinary centre Honselersdijk,  reknowned as two of the most stringent veterinary practices in the Netherlands.

Dr E. Enzerink – European specialist Equine surgery, Diplomat ECVS

Dr J. Marée –  Certified Equine specialist

Dr P. v Oijen – Certified Equine specialist

Dr T. Spierings – Certified equine specialist.

What exactly is done during the vettings?

The possibilities in vetting a horse are endless, as are the costs – think of clinicals, x-rays, echography, MRI’s, blood tests and countless others.

Equine Elite therefore takes it’s vetting advice according to the guidelines as set out by the insurance company (Equipe Equine Insurance) and their requirements for “Full loss of use” cover.

Firstly all horses are given a complete clinical, including but not limited to:-

Flexion Tests, stress tests, examinations of coat,heart, lungs, eyes and airway.

Secondly the horses are x-rayed –

Mandatory x rays are made of the Forelimbs (Naviculars, fetlocks etc) and hind limbs (fetlocks, hocks, stifles etc)

Neck and Spinal X-rays are not mandatory or required for insurance purposes but may be made at the discretion of the veterinarians and /or the owners

NOTE:  Anno 2016 certain Neck and Back X-rays have become mandatory for full “loss of use” insurance – Per 1-1-2017 Equine Elite, has adjusted it’s vetting requirements accordingly making these x-rays mandatory for all ridden horses over 4 years of age.