Equine Elite had the intention of doing something that had never been done before at any Dressage auction in the world – publishing the veterinary findings in the catalogue! It was an absolute hit with customers worldwide and we will of course be maintaining the tradition this year!

Whilst the vets will, of course, be present at the auction to answer any questions you may have, the findings on the x-rays will be published for all to see, in the catalogue – so if you don’t want to wait to see the vet then you can still see a brief summary of the veterinary findings and be confident of the horses health. The clinical findings will not be published as any horse found to be clinically unstable for any reason whatsoever will not be permitted to enter the auction ring. In 2005 this strict policy resulted in two horses being withdrawn at the eleventh hour but in 2006 all horses were clinically 100% fit. For indepth inquiries as to the clinical state of the horses or past history the vets will be available to answer any questions you may have.
The vettings will be conducted by the veterinary practice in Someren, reknowned as one of the most stringent veterinary practices in the Netherlands. The veterinary centre in Someren is one of the largest clinics in the Netherlands boasting 22 vets. The team that will be responsible for the vetting and assesment of the auction horses are as follows:

  1. Dr E. Enzerink – European specialist Equine surgery, Diplomat ECVS
  2. Dr P. v Oijen – Certified Equine specialist
  3. Prof Dr Kees J Dik – Diplomate ipv, European specialist veterinary Imaging
  4. Dr A Smeenk – Specialist Equine surgery, certified equine specialist
  5. Dr C. Dujardin – European specialist veterinary anasthesia, certified equine specialist
  6. Dr T. Spierings – Certified equine specialist.