“We don’t auction just any horse, we strive to select the best of the best. The ongoing success of our horses is the key to continuity.”

To call the the results of the horses sold at Equine Elite over the years “Impressive” would be an understatement, to say the least. Outlining the results of all of the Equine Elite horses would necessitate the writing of a seperate book, but, by way of example…………. National champion 5yr old of the USA, The British national 6 yr old champion, 6 horses in different countries selected for the World championships in one year, more than 40 horses selected for their national finals in different countries, Grand Prix horses competing on 3 continents, Junior and young riders team horses (including gold medal winners), Gold medal winners, Licensed breeding stallions, 3 horses representing their countries at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, 4 Horse representing their countries at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo & this is just the tip of the iceburg!

“A brilliant evening with an abundance of quality young horses. The music, the setting and the hospitality made it a fantastic evening that was second to none” David Hunt former British team member and president of the IDTC

“I bought two very high quality horses at Equine Elite, it’s a great show!” Wayne Channon, British Team

“It was exciting, entertaining and spectacular in a perfect ambiance with the most beautiful horses. I loved it!”
Tineke Bartels, Dutch Team

“The Equine Elite Auction has an unbelievable collection of top class dressage horses. The Auction itself is a night to remember and I am very happy with the horses that I have bought.”
Andrew Gould, International Dressage Rider, Great Britain.

“Great night, definitely won’t miss the next one!”
Sjef Janssen – Dutch Bondscoach Dressage

“That the vetting results were printed in the catalogue for all to see was absolutely the icing on the cake, my compliments to the organisation”
Per Sandgaard, Swedish Team

“Amazing horses, amazing show. This is the way to put on an auction!”
Leida Collins- Strijk – Dutch Grand Prix Dressage rider

“An auction of this caliber has never been seen before in The Netherlands.”
Laurens van Lieren – Dutch Team