If you are among the lucky buyers at Equine Elite, we can assist you in transporting your horse to any destination you wish. We work closely with highly reputable partners such as Horse Service International and Landor Equine

European Union

For transport to countries within the E.U., we can arrange all documentation and transport within 3-5 days

United States

As always, transport to the United States can be arranged through us with Horse Service International, which will handle all the necessary paperwork and air freight.

United Kingdom

Post-Brexit, transport to the UK is much easier than many people think. Transport is arranged within a week. i.e. no 21% VAT is charged on the horse price and 20% VAT is charged in the UK. Actually 1% cheaper than before the Brexit!

Other countries

For airfreight to Asia & Australia, among others, we work with companies such as Horse Service International, Klatte and IRT who can handle all the paperwork and freight for you.