Summary findings based on the radiographs taken will be published in the catalogue. This gives you the opportunity to review the veterinary findings of each horse in the form of a brief summary. For detailed information on the X-rays taken and the clinical picture, you should contact the vet. It is also possible to receive the X-rays & judging reports by E-Mail upon request, prior to the auction. During the presentation(s) and the auction, our veterinarians will be available to answer all your questions.

Should you wish to have one or more horses examined by your own vet or have additional X-ray photos taken, this is of course possible.

For questions regarding the inspections & results, please contact Veterinary Centre Someren:

Tel: +31 493 441070

e mail:

Dr Edwin Enzerink - Current Dutch Team Vet

Dr Arie Hoogendoorn - Former Team Vet


Veterinary examinations are carried out by one of the veterinary practices designated below. These practices are known as the leading practices in the Netherlands. The team responsible for the veterinary examinations of the auction horses consists of:

Veterinary Centre Someren

  • Dr E. Enzerink - Current Dutch Team Vet (Dressage) (European specialist veterinary surgery, Diplomat ECVS

Veterinary Centre Honselersdijk

  • Dr J. Marée (Approved veterinarian)

Veterinary Centre De Watermolen

  • Dr J Greve - Former Dutch team Vet (Dressage)
  • Dr Arie Hoogendoorn - Former Dutch team vet (Jumping)

What exactly is done during the inspection?

The options for inspecting a horse are endless, as are the costs - think clinical section, X-rays, ultrasound, MRIs, blood tests and countless others. How far should buyers or sellers go?

Equine Elite therefore takes the inspection advice using the guidelines as stated by the clinic.

First, all horses are fully clinically examined, including (but not limited to): - flexion tests, exercise tests, examinations of coat, heart, lungs, eyes and respiratory tract.

Secondly, X-rays are taken of the horses. Mandatory X-rays are taken of the Front Legs (Hoof Pulley, Bullets, etc.), The Hind Legs (Bullets, Jump Joint, Knees etc.) & the Neck and Back .

Dr Jacques Marée (Approved veterinarian)

Data & Details

Files relating to history known by Washington Events, details, treatments, (stable) behaviour, etc. are kept as accurate as possible and, if necessary, updated up to and including the day of the auction. Everyone has the opportunity to see these files on request at the auction secretary as well as passports & studbook papers. On request, it is also possible to receive files, inspection reports & X-rays by e-mail.